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2,000.00 1,000.00 + 18% GST

CHOVSAFE is an OXYLUS’ premier product formulated with evidence-based nutritional health ingredients thus makes CHOVSAFE India’s first Nutraceutical Lung protectant, it ensures the utmost safety of the lungs which in turn brings the safety of the Nation.

Per 1 box (30 capsules) (Excluding TAX)



CHOVSAFE is a nutritional remedy for various COVID like illnesses. CHOVSAFE is an exceptional balance of plant and an animal nutritional ingredient which helps protect the lung tissue rejuvenation aids the lungs against the toxic chemical constituents and reduces the psychological lung stress which is apparent in certain Cardiac, Neurological
and Psychiatric disturbances. CHOVSAFE provides the lung parenchymal tissue integrity and safeguards the lungs from early deterioration caused by the aetiologies of morphological, psychological, metabolic, and pathogenic parameters.

-> Improves lung immunity and strength
-> Restores healthy functioning of lungs
-> Improves lung tissue rejuvenation
-> Protection against COVID like symptoms
-> Protection against passive smoking
-> Protection against Lung deterioration
-> Protection against psychological lung stress
-> Purifies & detoxifies lungs
-> Heals lung tissue damage due to air pollution
-> Provides relief from smoker’s cough
-> Beneficial in cold, cough, bronchitis, rhinitis, allergies, hiccups, sore throat, hoarse voice, asthma, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory problems

Not recommended for infants, pregnant and lactating women. People with diabetes, high BP, autoimmune diseases or on any medications, especially beta-blockers and anti- coagulants, should consult physician before use.